Among the many benefits of the KegelMaster™ is its ability, through proper exercise of the vaginal muscle, to greatly enhance sexual arousal, sexual sensitivity and responsiveness, and elevate the orgasm to levels of profound and thrilling intensity. It is the only product on the market today truly able to deliver on this unique promise because it allows for the natural improvement of the muscle surrounding the vagina. This permanent, natural strengthening and stimulation, which is exceptionally easy to build through KegelMaster™ exercising, is far superior to the artificially temporary sexual assistance of vibrators (actually, these de-sensitize the vagina). The KegelMaster™ is able to provoke and enhance orgasmic responsiveness of women at any age. In fact, it's guaranteed. By regularly exercising the vaginal muscles through easy repetitive squeezing against progressive resistance, re-education of the neuromuscular "wiring" occurs. In addition, control and strength of vaginal muscle contractions are gained. This muscle development, which also improves blood flow, tone, endurance and muscle coordination, allows for firmer squeezing of the penis and greater, pleasurable "friction." The enhanced awareness of voluntarily contracting the vaginal muscle becomes greater with practice. Not unlike playing a musical instrument, practice makes perfect. In this case, an attempt at the perfect orgasm is like the climax of a symphony. The KegelMaster™ develops muscle in the same way as all classic isometric devices. Quite simply, muscle strength and control increases in accordance with the work demands placed on it. By squeezing against resistance, holding and releasing (which the KegelMaster™ precisely allows), the vaginal muscles become firmer and tighter at rest (tone), and are able to contract stronger and longer (endurance). These enhanced abilities are directly linked to a better, greater, more pleasurable orgasm. In the truest sense of the word, the KegelMaster™ "teaches" the vagina the "art of the orgasm."

Refining the Orgasm.

As stated, regular KegelMaster™ exercise re-educates and develops the vaginal muscles. Squeezing the muscles surrounding the vagina against resistance, holding them, then releasing builds voluntary control of those muscles. This is the key to refining the orgasm. The more control, the more amazing and wonderful the results.

Once vaginal muscle control is learned, the timing of orgasms is possible. Both partners can slow down, stop all movement, and allow the woman to gently but firmly clench and hold the penis. This reverses the flow of sexual energy and temporarily forestalls orgasm. Then, with resumed coital movement, the intensity of the delayed orgasm is increased to a much higher level. More powerful orgasms occur with longer periods of pre-orgasmic intimacy. Strong vaginal muscles that create the ability to control orgasms empowers a woman and builds self-confidence and pro-activeness in the art of refined sexual activity. This confidence allows one to "let go" and slip out of oneself. This complete freedom from inhibition, in turn, allows for even greater orgasmic intensity. 

Having the ability to control orgasms is the single most important step in elevating sex to an art form. Concentrating on vaginal muscle contractions allows one to refine the effort. By pulling in the stomach muscles, while clenching the vaginal muscles, one can literally "suck" the penis further into the vagina. A woman who chooses to contract her trained muscles voluntarily, rather than wait for those contractions to occur during orgasm, is able to pull her partner's penis deeper and deeper inside her. The intimacy and sheer pleasure of this act raises the joy of sexual intercourse to the highest of degrees. The ultimate refinement is to visualize the vagina as a "cylinder" composed of rings of muscles which can be contracted one after the other, as though squeezing each finger one at a time. Again, the music metaphor is appropriate, the squeezing of the rings of muscles surrounding the vagina is not unlike playing separate notes in a lovely composition. One can create chords, change key and compose crescendos and refrains. This is coital refinement in symphonic terms, transmitted powerfully and intimately without ever moving the body.

Try this in-between KegelMaster™ exercise sessions: with fingers lubricated, place them on the clitoris and take note of which areas of the body change during arousal and how much more sensitive these areas become. Exploring oneself sensually, building tension and increasing blood flow by squeezing and relaxing the vaginal muscles is important. Dwell on the areas that feel best and allow sexual stimulation to increase. Fantasize freely. Continue this stimulation and vaginal muscle contraction/relaxing until orgasm just about occurs. For many women, this is best done while lying on the stomach with legs slightly squeezed. For others, it is best done lying on the back with a pillow under the hips and legs up or down.

To add to the "erogenous map," keep track of the areas of the body most aroused, both internally and externally. Continue to experiment with touching in different locations, intensities and types of movement while continuing to promote increased pelvic blood flow and vaginal muscle awareness with KegelMaster™ squeezing and relaxing techniques. Also, build a mental "fantasy library" of erotic images or scenes. Work closely with a sexual partner in exploring the delightful unknown, like a child making new discoveries. Communicate what feels best to one another. With the confidence of mastering vaginal muscle control and the comfort of knowing one's own arousal points, just let go. Enjoy the wonderfully conscious intention of this freedom and the pleasure it brings to partner and self.

Advanced sexual partners learn to combine vaginal muscle contraction/relaxation with techniques involving touching and massaging the clitoris, penis and anus that result in previously unimagined levels of sexual excitement. Interestingly, a woman can derive enormous satisfaction from vaginal muscle control alone. This facilitates becoming a truly liberated sensual and loving partner. It makes orgasms easier and better during masturbation, as well as intercourse.

Other Healthy Orgasmic Benefits.

Orgasms have tremendous health benefits to body and mind. They cause the release of sex hormones and endorphins that stimulate the body's vital organs and glands. Mentally, orgasms bring a combined sense of joy, relief and well-being.  Physiologically, orgasms activate the cardiovascular system by causing the heart to beat rapidly. Blood surges throughout the body's muscles, tissue and organs delivering healthy doses of life-giving oxygen and energy. Respiration rate increases (excellent aerobic benefits) to compliment the vascular benefits. The orgasmic effort, as a whole, creates a "detoxification" of the body's systems as muscles contract and relax in a spasmodic response akin to a mini-seizure, squeezing metabolic toxins and waste products from blood, muscle and tissue.

Psychologically, orgasms bring profound pleasure, happiness, joy, well-being and relief of tension from a stress-filled world. Orgasms are, in a sense, a brief break from the realities and concerns of everyday life. To a great extent, for adults, an orgasm is, perhaps, the only "flight of fantasy" they can enjoy without the assistance of damaging substances such as drugs or alcohol. An orgasm, and especially simultaneous orgasm, is the ultimate natural high and greatest intimate connection with another human being.

For body and mind, the orgasm is one of, if not the most, synergistically powerful and healthy natural human phenomena with which humankind is blessed. For the body, health, vitality and longevity are promoted. For the mind, the spirit is allowed expression, freedom and the ego bestowed with confidence. The delight, whimsy, humor, joy and ecstasy of a freed imagination is something every human being needs. The orgasm allows the mundane to give way to the sublime. Inhibition is allowed to rule the moment. A natural and absolute satisfaction reigns, albeit briefly. The health benefits, however, last a lifetime.

And there's more. Enhanced blood circulation and nerve development associated with exercise and orgasms does several things. As mentioned previously, it means more awareness and sharper perceptions of genital sensations. It also means increased bathing of the clitoral, vulva, vaginal and pelvic cells in health promoting oxygen and rejuvenating sexual hormones. Even resistance to disease may be enhanced due to the circulatory increase of white blood cells, which can defend the body against bacteria. Greater blood flow also helps reduce the local accumulation of free radicals and eliminate metabolic toxins. In addition, increased vaginal and pelvic blood flow may contribute to the retardation of hormone-dependent aging, subsequently allowing for more youthful skin as well as improved genital tone. Increasing the resting tones of the vaginal muscles means that instead of soft, cushy-to-the-touch, insensitive texture, these muscles become firm and maintain a tension that transmits the sensation of touch far more intensely. In fact, every sexual sensation is magnified and more titillating with more biological "electric" energy coursing through pelvic muscles and nerves.

Thus does the KegelMaster™ change women's sexual lives for the good. And thus does KegelMaster™ assist in developing a healthier mind and body. The "Big O!" is a very healthy thing. It is one of the first realities of existence. It lightens the burdens of life and magnifies the joys. The wonderful uniqueness of KegelMaster™ transcends the normal benefits of a packaged product. The KegelMaster™, without exaggeration, has the ability to change lives permanently. It can, literally, transform the soul and ignite the sexual spirit. It is a legacy of sexual metamorphous capable of uplifting the sexual act to its highest pinnacle. KegelMaster™ . It's natural. It's healthy.


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